Crawley House is home to a number of psychology and allied health practices including The Crawley Clinic Melbourne, Enhance Life Psychology, and Gallagher Psychology. Crawley House is located in the stunning area of Albert Park, just 4km from Melbourne's CBD.

The Crawley Clinic

The Crawley Clinic has offices in Melbourne and Launceston, and offers high quality evidence-based psychological services to Australians of all ages. We also offer Telehealth services Australia-wide (and beyond) either online or by telephone. 

Enhance Life Psychology

Nonie Carr at Enhance Life Psychology takes a holistic approach to enhancing wellbeing and performance, and has experience in helping adults and adolescents with a variety of issues. Her goal for you is to achieve clarity, to find new or different perspectives, and alternative ways to think, behave and approach situations.

Gallagher Psychology

Gallagher Psychology is a psychological counselling service dedicated to helping clients to empower themselves - to improve mental health and emotional wellbeing and help overcome any adversity, trauma or roadblock that is holding them back. Gallagher Psychology uses an integrative, client-centred approach with a range of therapy services available to suit your individual needs.

Dr Tess Crawley

Tess has become one of Australia’s most sought-after business coaches for private practice owners in the mental health profession. With a compassion-focussed approach, Tess will help you overcome the overwhelm and isolation felt by many business owners and she'll work with you to make your business work for you.